PUBLISSO is a platform for the open access publishing of books, including so-called “Living Handbooks”. These are books that are not completed from the beginning; further contributions or new versions of contributions are gradually added. In the future, journals, series and conference contributions will also be published on PUBLISSO. The entire publication process, from creating a manuscript, through peer reviewing and/or editing, to publication, can be managed with PUBLISSO.

How can I publish on PUBLISSO?

Contact the University Library and discuss your request with us! We create a book for you, and then you register on the website. We will then grant you the necessary rights and support you throughout the whole process. Contact: open-access@tu-dortmund.de

Who operates PUBLISSO?

ZB MED – Information Centre for Life Sciences provides services for TU Dortmund University, such as hosting and software maintenance for an expense allowance.